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Oculus or Vive needed.

Walk-through video: 

by Doris Gao & Aimee Chen

Inspiration & Ideation

We plan to build a VR gallery to display our models in a Mushroom Forest. The render of materials will be anime style, which is inspired by Doris’ pro shader presentation research. The anime stylized render is inspired by Genshin Impact. We used the real-world object, mushrooms but render it in the anime style. 

For this project, we used Maya and a blender for modeling. Substance Designer, Shader Graph, and Substance Painter for the shader, Unity for building the overall environment. 


The overall environment uses a yellow tone. We wanted to emphasize the impact of desertification of land, desert encroachment, and deforestation. The flower flake shape and the bottle are rendered with plastic material, which advocates for everyone to protect the environment and reduce the use of plastic or throw it on the land.


build.rar 79 MB

Install instructions

Oculus or Vive needed.

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